Membership Has it's Privilages

The USS King (DLG-10/DDG-41) Association exists for the brotherhood of Sailors who served aboard the Warship KING, called throughout her service the "King of the Frigates" and the "King of the Fleet". We are a way to keep the memories, history and friendships from being lost. This association is here for you, me, officer and enlisted alike, with no differentiation between. We exist to continue the sharing of the King experience as far into the future as we can.

Membership provides you with the following:

1. Attending the Members meeting, held on the Saturday during the Reunion.

2. Can cast a vote on issues that are brought before the membership for approval.

3. Vote to approve members being placed into the Board of Directors.

4. The ability to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors.

5. To be a part of the Association Staff.

6. Can vote where we will be holding future reunions.

What does your $10.00 go for?

1. It pays for the Website on the Internet.

2. It pays for the domain names

3. It pays for the Administrative fees of the Association.

4. It helps to offset some of the costs incurred in running and maintaining the Ship's Store.